Royale Baby Alpaca Combed Top


Royale Baby Alpaca the most exclusive of Alpaca fibers! This is the FINEST alpaca fiber available with a micron count of 19.5

Less than 1% of the World's Alpacas produce this luxurious natural fiber. Alpaca fiber is designated as Royale, Baby, or Superfine Alpaca fiber by measuring the fiber diameter in microns.

Royal Alpaca has the finest fiber diameter and compares with the world's finest natural fibers, including cashmere and superfine merino.

Scroll Down for a list of Alpaca Fiber Grades:
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image Royale Baby Alpaca Combed Top: 4 Ounces
Package Quantity: 4 Ounces Available: 8
image Royale Baby Alpaca Combed Top: 8 Ounces
Package Quantity: 8 Ounces Available: 8
image Royale Baby Alpaca Combed Top: 16 Ounces
Package Quantity: 1 Pound Available: 3

  • Less than 20 microns (Royale Baby Alpaca) – pashmina-type scarves, vests
  • 20 – 23 microns (Baby alpaca) – fine knitwear, lightweight worsted material
  • 23 – 26 microns – (Super Fine) worsted outerwear – jackets, suits, medium weight knitting yarn
  • 26 – 29 microns – knitting yarns, rugs, blankets, interior products
  • >30 microns – bags, interior furnishings, carpets

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