Louet Bobbins

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LOUET Spinning Wheel Bobbins

Bobbins to fit Louet Spinning Wheels.


FAT CORE. . HI SPEED. . STANDARD (finished & unfinished). . BULKY. . . some bobbins listed are not pictured. . . make sure you are ordering for the correct wheel model and make sure you have the proper flyer - especially if you are ordering high speed or jumbo bobbins.

Bobbins and flyers are priced and sold 'each'.

The "Standard" bobbin [3rd from the left] fits the S10, S15, S50, S51, S60, S70, S71 and S75. Just pick unfinished or lacquer finished bobbins. The older wheels had a single groove on each end of the bobbin [those are gone], use the 3-speed bobbins. You can even use the "High Speed" bobbins.

Item Fit Details

 Std Bobbin, finished  S10, S51, etc
 Std Bobbin, unfinished S15, S17, S75, etc
 Hi Speed Bobbin, finished Use with Hi Speed Flyer
 Bulky Bobbin use with Bulky Flyer

Fat Core Hi Speed Bobbin

 Great for lace weight yarns
 Std Bobbin, finished S-45 not pictured
 Std Bobbin - Beach S95 (& S11 Julia) Victoria not pictured
 Std Bobbin - Oak S96 Victoria not pictured
 High Speed Bobbin Victoria & Julia (Black) (use Victoria/Julia
 Std Bobbin, finished S-90 not pictured
 Bobbin S90 Fatcore Great for lace weight yarns
 S40 Bobbin Fits both vintages of S40 wheels

Ordering Options
image SA0102 (1.311)
Style: Std IrT Bobbin, finished Available: 0
image 1.375
Style: Std IrT Bobbin, unfinished Available: 2
image 1.330
Style: Hi Speed IrT Bobbin, finished Available: 5
image 1.312
Style: Bulky Bobbin Available: 0
image 1.390
Style: Fat Core Hi Speed Bobbin Available: 2
image 1.395-
Style: Std ScT (S95 Style) Bobbin - Beach Available: 0
image 1.396-
Style: Std ScT (S96 Style) Bobbin - Oak Available: 1
image 1.303-
Style: High Speed Bobbin Available: 3
image 1.380
Style: Bobbin S90 Fatcore Available: 0
image 1.340
Style: S40 Bobbin Available: 1
image 1.345
Style: Std Bobbin, finished for S-45 Available: 4
image 1.370
Style: Std Bobbin, finished for S-90 Available: 0

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