Undyed Linen Yarn, 10/2, 20/2

Undyed Linen Yarn, 10/2, 20/2
Brand Name: Undyed Linen Yarn

Linen Weaving Yarn. These are wetspun line (not dry spun tow) linens. These linens are recommended for weaving and bobbin lace only (we even have instructors who teach survivor skills who use our linen for making bow strings). You may find more uses we don't know about.

Common Setts for these rug warp linens:

    8/4: 6-10
    8/6: 4-6

product of Egypt

10/2 & 20/2 are what's left in stock. Check our "Bockens" listing for other sizes.

Select QTY SKU Yarn Size Put Up Color Approx Yards per Tube Unit Price
  10/2 250gm(8.8 oz) Natural 825 $15.00
  10/2 250gm(8.8 oz) Half Bleached 825 $16.00
  20/2 250gm(8.8 oz) Natural 1650 $17.00
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