DVD: Warping The Loom: Back to Front *SALE*

DVD: Warping The Loom: Back to Front *SALE*

DVD: Warping The Loom: Back to Front

With nationally recognized Peggy Osterkamp.

This video thoroughly explores the process of dressing a loom by yourself, from back to front. After discussing materials and tools that will make the job easier, Peggy divides the warping process into 6 easy steps: 1- Measuring the Warp; 2- Loading the Raddle; 3- Beaming the Warp; 4- Threading the Heddles; 5- Sleying the Reed; 6- Tyeing the Warp to the Cloth Beam Apron Rod. This DVD is loaded with many time saving technique and problem solving tips. Peggy shows you many ways to set up the loom to make warping comfortable. Key words of various steps are superimposed over the video as a reminder of the sequence and will serve as a handy reference.

It is assumed that you understand basic weaving terminology, know the names of the parts of the loom, need know how to calculate warp for a project, read a weaving draft and dress a 4-shaft loom even if you have only done it once in class

In addition to your loom and a reed you will need a warping board plus some general weaving supplies which are described at the beginning of the DVD.

Peggy Osterkamp has been weaving since 1970 and apprenticed with Jim Ahrens, designer of the first AVL looms, in a production studio. She is a nationally recognized weaving instructor and author and has introduced hundreds of students to weaving theory and practice. Having her books, or DVD at your loom is like having a patient, knowledgeable teacher at your side.

Running time 62 minutes (color).

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