Harrisville "A/6" & "22/8" Floor Looms, 22" Weaving Width

Brand Name: Harrisville

Harrisville Looms have been around for years... and they will probably be around for many, many more years. Made from eastern maple and available as an unfinished kit (kit normally takes 5 - 10 hour to finish and assemble).

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As one of the most popular workshop looms on the market, the versatile little A/6 (4-shaft) or the 22/8 (8-shaft) are ideal as a first loom or as a second loom to have for smaller projects and sampling.

With floating parallel lamms and unique tie-up system using "snap chains" make it a breeze to set up. The suspended harnesses allow for a smoother, quieter action and won't break fine warp threads as easily as stationary harnesses can.

The A/6 & 22/8 looms weave a full 22" and comes with 4 shafts (harnesses) and 6 treadles (the A/6) or 8 shafts and 10 treadles (the 22/8). They can be folded with the warp in place without disengaging the tie-up. They have a rear friction brake, weighs 60 lb. (22/8 weighs 80 lb.), castle height is 42", floor space unfolded is 28" x 32" (28" x 34" for the 22/8) and folded is 28" x 13" (28" x 18" for the 22/8), comes with 400 (600 for the 22/8) large eye ("inserted eye") heddles. Choose a 6, 8, 10, or 12 dent stainless steel reed.

**Because of the current work load at Harrisville, Kits normally ship in 5 - 15 days.**

List Price: $1,175.00
Our Price: $1,128.00
You Save: $47.00 (4%)

Select QTY SKU item choose reed (6, 8, 10, 12) Unit Price
A/6-K  HarrisvilleA/6, 22" 4S, 6T Kit $1,128.00
22/8-K  HV 22/8, 22" 8S, 10T Kit [list $1775] $1,704.00
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