Louet Mini Combs

Louet Mini Combs
Brand Name: Louet
Item#/SKU: 2.380

These handy tools are a unique device which can be used for dehairing and fine fiber combing. After combing, fiber can be pulled into a sliver or spun straight from the combs.

Choose from single row or double row mini combs. Double row combs remove more slubs, vegetable matter and trashy stuff than single row combs do. That means there is also more fiber loss but the finished combed top is exquisite.

Both single row (18 tooth) and double row (35 tooth) combs are shown. You will receive one pair of the style of your choice (not 3 combs).

Select QTY SKU style Unit Price
2.3802.380  one row mini combs $104.00
2.3802.385  two row mini combs $163.00
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