Bluster Bay Swedish-Style Boat Shuttles & Cardboard Quills

Bluster Bay Swedish-Style Boat Shuttles & Cardboard Quills
Brand Name: Bluster Bay

These are the "Swedish-Style" with elegant sweeping ends from Bluster Bay Shuttles.

Each shuttle is a handmade creation. Each is finished until it is silky-smooth. These treasured shuttles deserve a place by your loom.

Choose from 10" Swedish-Style shuttles or a 14" overall length "DOUBLE QUILL" -each uses a 3.5" quills. Or choose 12", 14" (single quill) or 18" each using 5" quills. These shuttles are closed bottom only and are only 11/16" tall.

A variety of hardwoods are used to make these shuttles so we ship what is available at the time. With a craftsman's eye, they select the wood for each shuttle, then carefully cut each shuttle to expose to best color and grain. Sanding is a long and careful process ending with a finish of satin smoothness that is sealed with Danish oil. After drying several days, each shuttle is hand buffed with steel wool, waxed, then buffed again.

Shuttles do not come with quills. They are sold separately.

Select QTY SKU Shuttle Length Quill Used Unit Price
SBT-10  10" Swedish 3.5" $42.50
DBT-14  14" Double Swedish two - 3.5" $57.50
SBT-12  12" Swedish 4.5' or 5" $46.00
SBT-14  14" Swedish 4.5' or 5" $50.00
SBT-18  18" Swedish 4.5' or 5" $57.25
QLL-03  3.5" Cardboard Quill Pkg of 10 $7.00
QLL-06  4.5" Cardboard Quill Pkg of 10 $7.00
QLL-05  5" Cardboard Quill *Currently Out*Pkg of 10 $0.00
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