Euroflax Originals Sport Weight Wet Spun 100% Linen Yarn

Euroflax Originals Sport Weight Wet Spun 100% Linen Yarn
Brand Name: Louet Sales

WE ARE DISCONTINUING THE EUROFLAX LINEN. Only colors listed in the chart below (and in the quantities shown) are left. *Prices are 46% off list price - no further discounts. Color chart has not been updated

High Quality, long line, wet spun Euroflax linen, custom steamed for softness. Strong and durable. Sport Weight (Fine) Solid colors, 100 gr (3.5 oz.) skeins (270yds per skein), 1300 yds/lb 3.25 - 3.5mm (US size 3-4 although sometimes larger) needles (6 sts/in.).

Linen sweaters feel cool in the summer, due to the yarn's breathing capability. They are wonderful to wear and are machine washable. With wearing and washing, linen sweaters made out of our Euroflax yarn will become very soft, with a beautiful, lustrous silky effect. After you have made one sweater out of Euroflax, you will definitely want to make another one.

Tips for Knitting with Euroflax Linen

  • Most importantly, you must wash and dry all samples before measuring gauge. The knitted fabric relaxes after the first time it has been washed.
  • Due to the nature of this yarn, it is not suitable for standard ribbing, on either bottom borders or neckbands.
  • Knit-in hems, rolled borders and garter stitch borders all work wonderfully with this yarn.
  • This yarn is more suitable for pattern knitting than for plain knits. Small areas of plain knitting are fine, though.
  • Please pay special attention to the recommended needle size given for each yarn. Larger needles should be used only for lacy patterns.

colors that are gone have been removed from the order list

List Price:$ 25.95

Select QTY SKU Color Qty Left (+ means # in a dyelot) Unit Price
18.2044  Soft Coral 2 $14.00
18.2344  Orchid 1 $14.00
18.2084  Lilac 1 $14.00
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