Katie a-go-go

Katie a-go-go

The Katie a-Go-Go™ allows spinners to take a fully functional Lazy Kate with them no matter where they go. Best of all, the Katie a-Go-Go™ has a fully adjustable tensioning system just like the larger Lazy Kate's.

The Katie a-Go-Go™ accommodates up to 3 bobbins. Pictured are Majacraft bobbins (and an Ashford bobbin) which tend to have a larger diameter than many bobbins currently on the market. This latest design uses bobbin rods which will accommodate virtually all known bobbins on the market today.

The Katie a-Go-Go™ fully assembles in less than a minute. It has just 6 parts plus a carrying sack. There are no tools required to assemble it. The user screws the center dowel into the base by hand. They then insert the 3 steel bobbin rods. Then, they slip either 2 or 3 bobbins onto the rods and insert the tensioning dowel into the base. Lastly, they wrap the cord around the bobbins and then pull their yarn through the center dowel's yarn loop. That's it!

Parts included are:

  • Plus now there is the newest. . . the JUMBO Katie a-go-go (the original 6x6 Katie-a-go-go is no longer being made) has that's 7" x 7" and holds the standard bobbins AND the JUMBO bobbins! with 4 clear vinyl feet
  • # Center dowel with sturdy copper metal yarn loop (new style!)
  • # Tensioning dowel with cord and rubber band
  • # 3 - 7.5" x 3/16" tool grade steel bobbin rods
  • # Sturdy zippered denim carry sack with a handle
  • # A free set of 10 Spinning Project Kards is included (a $4.00 value)
  • # 3 straws for use by spindlers

Attention Spindlers! We have a great solution to meet your portable plying needs! We have developed a unique yarn transfer system which allows Spindler's to use our Katie a-Go-Go Lazy Kate. It is so simple, you will wonder why no one else ever thought of it.

Use everyday drinking straws to transfer the yarn from the spindle to the Lazy Kate! Here is how it works:

  • 1. Spin your fiber, as usual, with your drop spindle.
  • 2. When you are ready to either store or ply your yarn, pull out the Katie a-Go-Go™ and assemble it. You must have a 3/16” drinking straw for each spindle that you want to transfer to the Katie-a-Go-Go (or store for later use).
  • 3. Put the straw onto one of the rods. This provides support for the straw while you are transferring the yarn to the lazy kate.
  • 4. Insert the tip of your spindle into the end of the straw.
  • 5. Then, while ensuring that you have a nice tight fit with your spindle against the straw, slide the yarn down the spindle onto the straw and then set your spindle down.
  • 6. Your yarn is now on the straw which is on the lazy kate rod.
  • 7. You can either remove the straw by sliding it up and off of the rod (do this if you plan to ply all of the yarn during the session), or leave the yarn on the straw while you ply. Then, if you finish and still have yarn left on the straw, you can remove the straw from the rod while maintaining your yarn on the straw for future use. Now, neither your Kate nor your spindle are tied up with your previous project which allows you to do more spinning.
  • 8. Before plying, you may insert a rubber band or rubber grommet around the top of each rod if you find that the yarn lifts off of the rod while spinning. We have found this to be unnecessary, however.
  • 9. If you need additional straws (or if you elect to use grommets for the rods), simply buy them at your grocery and hardware stores. Be sure to purchase parts which have an inside diameter of 3/16”.
  • Tension. We have found that tension does not need to be applied to the "cobs" while using them for plying on a spindle, especially if we let the cobs rest for a day before plying.

Our Price: $59.99

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