Card Weaving Cards, pack of 50 **SAVE 30%**

Card Weaving Cards, pack of 50 **SAVE 30%**

Card weaving, also referred to as tablet weaving, has been around since the Iron Age. Using cards with holes in the 4 corners to create a shed (the opening to pass the shuttle through), and weaving across it with the weft you can make very intricate designs that are a combination of weaving and twining. Make your own straps, bands and belts! Very little equipment is needed to get started, and the design possibilities are endless!

This is a set of 50 heavy cardstock cards, 3-1/2 inches square. The 4 sides are each a different shade, making is possible to tell at a glace if all the cards have been turned properly as a unit.

List Price: $13.95
SALE Price: $9.77
You Save: $4.18 (30%)

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