VHS Video: DOUBLEWEAVE, with Clotilde Barrett *SALE*

VHS Video: DOUBLEWEAVE, with Clotilde Barrett *SALE*

Doubleweave,with Clotilde Barrett.

If you have a narrow loom, you'll love the flexibility that this technique gives you to weave cloth wider than your loom. If width isn't your concern, you'll find many challenges in weaving a double layer cloth, making one side one color or pattern, & the other side a different color. You will weave a beautiful sampler which incorporates just about all the 4 harness techniques which are based on the doubleweave principle. Techniques covered include weaving 2 separate layers, folded cloth, tubes, slits, color- &-weave, pique, doubleweave pickup patterns.

PREREQUSITES: You should know how to set-up a four harness loom and weave plain weave

MATERIALS NEEDED: You will need a four harness loom (table or floor model), and weaving yarn in two contrasting colors. For example, you may select one of the following types of yarn in two colors: 5/2 perle cotton, 22/2 cottolin, 12/3 worsted wool, or a 7/2 wool. You will need about 8 oz. of each color. A detailed list of materials and supples is included on a written insert along with the patterns for the projects.

VHS Videocassette, final sale, no return, 95 minutes

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