"Megado", 70 / 110 / 130 (28", 44", 52") Floor Looms

Brand Name: Louet

The Megado, Lout's "flagship loom", is a Dobby loom available with 16 or 32 shafts (harnesses), available in 28" (70cm), 44" (110cm) and 52" (130cm) weaving widths. This loom has an attractive appearance due to its advanced engineering and the use of natural ash wood. Besides the expressive character of this kind of wood, ash has always been valued for its outstanding qualities of strength and resilience where these are required - and strength is an important quality in a weaving loom. The way that the shed is treadled, makes the Megado unique. Although only the selected harnesses are moved up, a counter march shed is created. This is accomplished because the back beam moves up when the shed is treadled (see diagram). Moving the lifted back beam forward a little also prevents an increasing tension on the warp threads. This unique device in combination with the counter march shed gives the Megado an undisputed advantage over other looms. No multi-harness loom on the market that treadles as light and creates as large a shed. Even a high warp tension has no influence on this light treadling. Carrying forward a great feature first used on the Delta and Spring looms, the Megado features their famous moving breast beam system to control the warp tension, every time the cloth beam is advanced. The treadle is adjustable in height for the most convenient position. The Megado can be ordered with a mechanical Dobby or an electronic Dobby. Both Dobby systems give the advantage that you no longer have to crawl underneath the loom.

The mechanical Dobby is used to program the pattern. Program bars have numbered holes which correspond with the harnesses. Placing pegs in these holes will determine which harnesses will be selected for lifting. These program bars can be regarded as treadles and the pegs as the tie-ups. The mechanical dobby comes standard with 60 program bars with sufficient pegs. Additional program bars are available in sets of 10. The Megado can be purchased with either the mechanical dobby head or an electronic dobby. Several software packages that work with the Megado interface include: Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, PixieLoom, Weavemaker, Proweave and Weave It. The Megado interface supports both PC and MacIntosh operating platforms.

The middle section of the Megado with all the shafts (harnesses) is factory assembled. The other parts you have to set up yourself with the help of the enclosed comprehensive set of instructions. The Megado has a built-in raddle and a full-width top shelf for "stuff". A 10 dent stainless steel reed is provided and Texsolv heddles: 900 for the 70cm version and 1400 for either the 110cm or 130cm version. A wooden cloth protector is positioned in the front of the breast beam.


  • height, 52" (131cm)
  • depth, 51" (127cm)
  • widths, 47" (121cm), 63" (161cm), and 71" (181cm) respectively
  • This loom is a special order item, please allow several weeks for delivery.

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Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
3.452014  16 Shaft, 27.5" Megado 70 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $8,625.00
3.452016  32 Shaft, 27.5" Megado 70 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $11,250.00
3.454014  16 Shaft, 43" Megado 110 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $9,450.00
3.454016  32 Shaft, 43" Megado 110 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $12,300.00
3.455014  16 Shaft, 51" Megado 130 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $9,975.00
3.455016  32 Shaft, 51" Megado 130 [no Mech. Dobby or Elect. Interface] $12,925.00
3.452056  27.5" 2nd Warp Beam $765.00
3.452106  27.5" sectional Warp Beam Conversion Kit $415.00
3.450002  16 Shaft Mechanical Dobby Head $2,325.00
3.450003  32 Shaft Mechanical Dobby Head $3,050.00
3.450000  16 Shaft Electronic Interface $2,500.00
3.450001  32 Shaft Electronic Interface $3,850.00
3.450010  16 Shaft Dobby Bars $205.00
3.450015  32 Shaft Dobby Bars $299.00
3.454056  43" 2nd Warp Beam $835.00
3.454106  43" Sectional Warp Beam Conversion Kit $500.00
3.455056  51" 2nd Warp Beam $870.00
3.455106  51" Sectional Warp Beam Conversion Kit $580.00
3.450020  Fly Shuttle Mechanism $730.00
3.254401  Louet Flyshuttle w/5 Pirns $360.00
3.254201  Megado Bench $575.00
3.254502  Tilting Kit $75.00
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