Strauch "Petite" Drum Carder with *FREE SHIPPING*


Strauch "Petite" Drum Carder

The newest Drum Carder in the Strauch carder line is the "Petite" - Now standard with the brush attachment. The Petite is a manual drum carder with a polyurethane drive belt. This carder is part of the production line for fiber artists who have budget or space considerations but want Strauch quality.

The Petite is an excellent choice for a mid-sized carder with full sized features. The Petite is slightly smaller (6 1/2" wide drums) than the standard chain drive (7 3/4" wide) models. This drum carder comes with 128tpi cloth on the large drum and the "Slicker-Licker" on the small drum.

Supplied fully assembled. A suggestion. . . being a belt drive carder, it is designed for the occasional user. If you plan to do a lot of fiber processing, please consider the durability of the chain drive series.

The fabulous Brush Attachment is now standard.

Special tools included with each "Petite" are:

  • The popular Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Picker, invaluable tool for removing the batt without damage to the equipment or the user.
  • A Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.
  • A small Cleaner/Dabber Brush for use on the licker drum.
  • A table clamp to secure the carder to the work surface.
  • *FREE SHIPPING* applies to orders from the USA lower 48 states only. Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries are billed partial shipping.

Select QTY SKU item Unit Price
DC-P05-A+BA-5  "Petite" Drum Carder ASSEMBLED *With Brush $570.00
BA-5  Brush Attachment, fits Petite's that came without a brush $75.00
CL-P  Replacement Clamp for Petite $20.00
KSBP  Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Picker $30.00
DB  Doffer/Cleaner Brush $20.00
TT-C1  Optional Teasing Tool w/clamp $39.00
7530  PETITE Polyurethane Drive Belt $11.00
7531  Poly Belt fits CLEMES & CLEMES $16.00
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