Strauch "405" "Finest" Drum Carder with *FREE SHIPPING*

Brand Name: Strauch

Strauch "405" "Finest" Drum Carder

The "Flagship" model drum carder is the "DC-405", also known as the "Finest".

The wood frame is ash with a warm honey-oak finish. It has a 7" diameter x 7 3/4" working drum and a 2" x 8" licker drum producing a batt approximately 7" wide x 22" long. The overall length of the machine is 24" and width is 11 1/2" with a frame height of 6" (this is important since the swing of the handle clears the table-top or working surface so you don't have to work over the edge for clearance).

The unit is equipped with 128tpi carding cloth and the "Slicker-Licker". The 6" high frame allows a larger diameter sprocket on the small drum. This give you a 5:1 ration between the drums, which allows more carding action per revolution. This 5:1 ratio allows for minimal turning of the large drum to produce an excellent, well blended batt; 2-3 passes are sufficient.

General Features and Benefits of all Strauch Chain Drive Wood Frame Carders

Features & Benefits

  • Chain drive - Non-slipping, durable (lifetime guarantee against breakage), never has to be replaced, NO GREASE NEEDED-EVER.

  • Solid hardwood frame - Durable, attractive.
  • "Slicker-Licker" - (unique to Strauch Carders) Transfer of fiber to main drum evenly & quickly without damaging the fiber. Minimal fiber build-up on licker-in drum.
  • Extra fine card cloth - Cards ALL fibers. No need to change drums.
  • Galvanized metal feed tray - Tapered design with high sides for easy feeding of fiber.
  • Bronze bearings - Easy turning of drum. Never needs lubrication.
  • Aluminum bearing blocks - Stable, won't slip, warp or crack like wood or plastic.
  • Upgradeable - Your Fricke/Strauch carder never becomes obsolete!
  • Modular construction -All parts are interchangeable and replaceable.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Labor is always free.
  • Brush attachment standard - Produces fuller, loftier batts. Prevents fiber "fly-away".

Also available as a "Double-Wide" with a 16" wide drum. The Doublewide produces a batt that is 16" x 22". Overall dimensions of the doublewide are 24" long and 19" wide x 6" (frame) high.

*FREE SHIPPING* applies to orders from the USA lower 48 states only. Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries are billed partial shipping.

Special tools included with each "Finest" are:

  • The popular Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick, an invaluable tool for removing the batt without damage to the equipment or the user.
  • A Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.
  • A small cleaner/dabber brush for use on the licker in drum.
  • A Teasing Tool to open locks and tease fiber prior to carding.
  • Table clamps to secure the carder to the work surface.
  • Select QTY SKU Model Unit Price
    DC-405x2  405x2 "Finest" Double Wide $1,160.00
    DC-405  405 "Finest" Standard Width $860.00
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