LENDRUM Upright, Folding Spinning Wheel "Regular" *FREE Std Shipping*

LENDRUM Upright, Folding Spinning Wheel

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The Lendrum folding spinning wheel is made from hard maple. Versatility... this Scotch tension wheel has many different heads for spinning any types of fiber. A sliding thread guide...no cup hooks to deal with. Portability...Folds flat in seconds. You can store it anywhere, carry it in a car, or take it in a plane. Ease of use/reliability… It works simply and it simply works well. Standard ratios are 6, 8 , and 10:1. weighs 13 lb.

The Regular: includes a standard flyer, tensioned lazy kate, and four standard bobbins.

*FREE Std UPS to street address in the 48 contiguous states - Alaska & Hawaii receive discounted shipping.

Our Price: $630.00

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