Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners by Mabel Ross

Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners by Mabel Ross
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This is a great book for the handspinner who wants to expand their knowledge base!

There are many B&W photos and also there are illustrations on most of the pages to show how the yarn is held or what it's supposed to look like. This is a great help the the student of yarn design. The book covers fiber preparation (washing, carding, etc), the parts of the spinning wheel and how to gain control over yarn design in handspinning. The author talks about controlling twist and spinning and plying techniques and explains the difference between woolen and worsted yarns.

Described in detail, she explains how to make yarns of many kinds, from thick soft ones to fine gossamer threads. A great book for both beginner and experienced spinner.

This is a new, out-of-print copy. New prices on the web seem to range from $103.00 to $196.00. Here's an opportunity to add this highly collectable book to your library. 2001 edition. 128 pages. Softcover with spiral binding. 8.1 x 5.8 x 0.5 inches

We also have a very clean, excellent condition, USED copy missing the measuring device card in the back for less money.

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