Wensleydale: Natural White Combed Top: lb

Wensleydale: Natural White Combed Top: lb

Wensleydale is just one of many wool ecru fibers. 30-36 microns staple length 7 inches. 180 mm. Shiny wool that takes dye very well, producing intense rich colors.

HISTORY: The origins of many sheep breeds are shrouded in guess work and mystery, but the Wensleydale sheep have the unique distinction of identifying not only the foundation ram, named Bluecap, but also his parentage. Bluecap was born in 1839 in North Yorkshire from a Leicester ram and a longwool ewe from the River Tees region . His qualities that identified the breed were his blue skin and large body with a heavy fleece. The breed was not named until 1876 when it became required to participate in the Yorkshire show. Although the breed was developed primarily to provide rams for cross breeding, the wool is among the finest of the longwool breeds and is a highly sought after fleece.

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