Majacraft Suzie Pro

Majacraft Suzie Pro

The Suzie Professional or the "Green" wheel from Majacraft.

Some of the features of the Suzie Professional are:

  • - Double heel and toe treadling
  • - Frictionless ball bearings
  • - Single hook flyer
  • - Folds up for transport
  • - Maintainance-free drive band
  • - Super smooth patented bobbins
  • - Lightweight
  • - No threading hook required
  • - Right or left handed
  • - Five main ratios available on each whorl
  • - Four plastic bobbins are standard
    • - Accessories available are high speed whorl and low speed whorls to extend the spinning range from 3.25:1 to 20:1 as well as baby bobbins, lace bobbins and huge plying bobbins

        The Suzie Professional has a mdf green lacquered wheel which is approximately 10% heavier (than the standard "Suzie") which gives greater inertia and a smoother spinning action. The Suzie Professional has two storage bars to hold your spare bobbins.

        The Suzie Professional or the "Green" wheel from Majacraft.

        All the accessories that fit the Suzie are also compatible with the Suzie Professional.


          Your wheel will be shipped directly to you by International Airmail from New Zealand. This way, any updates Majacraft has instituted will have been made to your wheel giving you the most current version possible.

Our Price: $1,230.00

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