Lucy Neatby: Knitting Gems 3 DVD

Lucy Neatby: Knitting Gems 3 DVD
Running Time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Beading Techniques
Inserting a bead with a hook
Threading beads onto yarn
Slip stitch and strand in front
Stitch head beading (knit row)
Stitch head beading (purl row)
Placing beads between stitches
Beading Garter alternate rows
Making beaded dangles
Multiple beads between stitches
Spacing beaded rows
Pre-threaded, bead on stitch
Dip stitches
Auxiliary thread for small beads
Beads on a yarn-over
Purl I-cord with beads

Cable Talk
What is a cable?
Right cross with cable needle
Left-cross without cable needle
Counting cables
Cable fixes

Lace Basics
What is lace?
Overs between knit stitches
Make one increase
Decrease and yarn-over pairs
Looking at charts
Double yarn-overs
Multiple yarn-overs
K1-O-k1 increase

Yarn Handling Tricks
Introducing new yarn with loop
Creating triple thickness yarn
Two strands, staggering joins
Blending two colours
Two hands to separate colours
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