Strauch "200" Series Drum Carder with *FREE SHIPPING*


DC-205 Strauch, 128 tpi Drum Carder

This hand-crank carder has a chain drive that prevents slipping while carding. The "licker-in" drum is 2" diameter x 8" wide. The carding drum is 7" diameter x 8" wide and produces a batt approximately 7" wide by 22" long. The teeth are 3/8" long. Overall size of the carder is 12" wide x 24" long. This carder turns at a 4:1 ratio and spins almost effortlessly.

Operating instructions, knuckle-saving batt picker, doffer brush and a written lifetime guarantee are included with each unit. All wood items are sealed with tung oil.

"Slicker-licker cloth on all Strauch small drums helps to feed the fibers onto the big drum without getting them caught in the small drum.

Now Standard with the brush attachment to give you the most versitility.

The "205" has 128tpi carding cloth and is suitable for all fibers - especially fine fibers like Merino, Alpaca, Llama, Cashmere blend, Dog, etc. Use care carding any fine fiber to prevent breaking fibers. The brush attachment helps to control flyaway fibers and to produce thicker batts.

The "202" has 72tpii and is for coarse to medium grade fibers like Cheviot and Romney and longer fibers like Border Leicester. This is a favorite among felters not using the really fine fibers.

The "203" has 98tpi and works very well with all but the extra-fine. The "205" can be used for almost all fibers (Note: only the 205 is stocked, the 202 & 203 are special order).

*FREE SHIPPING* applies to orders from the USA lower 48 states only. Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries are billed partial shipping.

Select QTY SKU Model # Unit Price
DC-202  "DC-202", 72 tpi $735.00
DC-203  "DC-203", 98 tpi $735.00
DC-205  "DC-205", 128 tpi $735.00
BA-std  Brush Attachment for the SERIES 200 std 8" Carders (for earlier versions without a brush) $75.00
CL-200  Clamps for the SERIES 200 Carders (set of 2)(option) $25.00
TT-C1  Teasing Tool (option) $39.00
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