Four-Harness Huck by Evelyn Neher

Four-Harness Huck by Evelyn Neher

Four-Harness Huckby Evelyn Neher

  • Softcover, 5.5" x 8"(40 pages) - New, not used
  • 1967
  • Chapters include:

    • History of the weave
    • Characteristics and Structure of Huck Weave
    • Threading Theory: 12 threading examples
    • Weaving Theory: Weaving Weft Spots, Warp Spots, Turned Spots, Double Huck and Triple Huck
    • The author presents b/w 112 photographed samples of Huck fabric along with weaving instructions.

      Sections Include:

    • All-Over Spots in Single, Double and Triple Huck
    • Huck with Plain Weave
    • Reed Pattern Huck
    • Double-Thread Huck
    • Colour Design and Texture in Huck
    • Huck Theory Sample
    • Bibliography
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