Bluster Bay HONEX tensioned 11 inch "Mini" End-Feed Shuttles

Bluster Bay HONEX tensioned 11 inch


    are very easy to thread
    are well balanced
    have a very fine tension adjustment to handle a wide range of yarn weights
    are available with either open or closed bottoms.

This is a smaller Honex tensioned end-feed shuttle than others we've found. Depending upon wood choice they can also be very light weight. These end-feed shuttles are perfect for:

    fine, smooth yarn
    use with any kind of loom, including table looms or floor looms with small sheds
    weavers with small hands

These shuttles are 11.5 inches long, 1.625 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. Their aluminum spindles are spring-loaded and they are designed to carry lightweight tapered paper pirns.

Each Honex tensioned shuttle is supplied with an Allen wrench for adjusting the tensioner.

Select QTY SKU Item Qty & Wood Unit Price
  OPEN Bottom 1 in Marbled Ash $150.00
  Tapered Paper Pirn $4.50
  Sold - CLOSED Bottom 1 in Marbled Ash $0.00
  CLOSED Bottom 1 in Red Oak $150.00
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