Dyed Merino Top, Mixed Color Packs

Dyed Merino Top, Mixed Color Packs

Put up for felters and other artists who want to dabble in color. We use a palette of about 60 colors of merino to make up up these fiber packs [each 1 ounce bag is a mix of about 6 different colors -- each 8 ounce "tube" bag contains 1 ounce each of eight solid colors].

There are two choices for the 1 ounce packs; "Medium to Lighter Shades" or "Medium to Darker Shades".

There are 7 choices for the 8 ounce tubes; "The Blues", "The Greens", "The Neutrals". "The Reds", "The Violets", "The Yellows" or "Our Choice Combo Tube".

No special choices, order several for the best selection.

Select QTY SKU Pack Unit Price
  1 oz Bag, Medium to Lighter Colors $3.00
  1 oz Bag, Medium to Darker Colors $3.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Blues" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Greens" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Neutrals" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Reds" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Violets" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The Yellows" $20.00
  8 oz Tube, "The 'Our Choice' Combo" $20.00
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