Majacraft Stylus Set

Majacraft Stylus Set

Again Majacraft have made something that is just that little bit different. The Majacraft Stylus is a new way of looking at traditional spinning with a spindle.

The major benefit of a Stylus is that it allows you to put a lot of twist into a yarn so it is particularly suited to lace weight yarns. The outcome of this huge amount of twist means that it is possible to spin a lot of yarn much more quickly than with a traditional flyer.

The stylus will work perfectly well immediately on your Majacraft wheel but to really take advantage of the features, we recommend using a fast whorl or alternatively a high speed head.

Spinning with a stylus is only truly realized on a Majacraft wheel. Because spindle spinning requires frequent starting, stopping, reversing and restarting, Majacraft wheels with their ease of treadling and precise control over direction really shine.

The "Kit" is comes with 1 "Stylus" and 2 bobbins.

Our Price: $119.00

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