Majacraft "Suzie"


The MAJACRAFT "SUZIE" Double-Treadle Spinning Wheel

Made from native New Zealand "rimu" wood. Beautifully styled upright design. The "delta" style orifice is standard - no threading hook required. There are many accessories designed for this wheel, including a high-speed head which gives ratio's up to 32:1 for spinning very fine yarns, also a slow-speed kit for bulky yarns. Wood bobbins, a "cotton" or standard orifice flyer, a "trundler"(wheels) are also available. The wheel is fully finished - minor assembly required. 4 bobbins are supplied as standard. 10 ratios from 4.00:1 to 15:1. Weight is approximately 15 lb.

  • - Double heel and toe treadling
  • - Frictionless ball bearings
  • - Single hook flyer
  • - Folds up for transport
  • - Maintainance-free drive band
  • - Super smooth patented bobbins
  • - Lightweight
  • - No threading hook required
  • - Right or left handed
  • - Five main ratios available on each whorl
  • - Accessories available are high speed whorl and low speed whorls to extend the spinning range from 3.25:1 to 20:1 as well as baby bobbins, lace bobbins and huge plying bobbins

We offer *FREE SHIPPING (dropshipped) ON THIS WHEEL

Our Price: $1,115.00

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