36" Clover 'Takumi' Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Brand Name: Clover

36" Clover 'Takumi' Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Hard, smooth bamboo wood, with nicely finished points, smooth joins to the nylon cable, affordable.

Only the hard and resilient bamboo grown in cold areas in Japan is used. Clover uses only the part just under the skin of the bamboo, which offers the correct thickness, hardness and toughness. Precise standards in manufacturing promise a uniform knitting gauge and a beautiful finish. Clover's unique technology offers the even thickness.

Takumi, the Bamboo of Bamboos! Here's why you should select Takumi needles.

  1. The Perfect Needle point. The needle point, with it's tapered, round shape, never splits yarns. It makes knitting easy.
  2. Smoother touch, smoother yarn feed. Thanks to Clover's unique processing technique, "Takumi" needles make for smooth knitting right from the start. The more you knit with them, the smoother they become to the touch.
  3. Lightweight. One of the distinctive features of bamboo is it's lightness. Clover "Takumi" Circular Knitting Needles are 60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size, so your hand doesn't tire even after long hours of knitting bamboo.
  4. Uniform Standards Needle thickness is important because it determines stitch size. You can be sure that every "Takumi" needle with the same size will be of the exact same thickness and shape. Single - pointed, double - pointed, and circular needles with the same number and size can be used interchangeably - the result will always be beautiful, uniform stitches.

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Select QTY SKU Needle Size, U.S. Needle Size, Metric Unit Price
  36 #0 2.0mm $14.50
  36" #1 2.25mm $14.50
  36" #2 2.75mm $14.50
  36" #3 3.25mm $12.00
  36" #4 3.5mm $12.00
  36" #5 3.75mm $12.00
  36" #6 4.00mm $12.00
  36" #7 4.5mm $12.00
  36" #8 5.0mm $12.00
  36" #9 5.5mm $12.00
  36" #10 6.0mm $12.00
  36" #10.5 6.5mm $12.00
  36" #11 8.00mm $15.75
  36" #13 9.00mm $15.75
  36" #15 10.00mm $15.75
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