Ashford 4 Harness Folding Table Looms

Ashford 4 Harness Folding Table Looms
Brand Name: Ashford

We pay your shipping on these Four Harness looms (U.S. lower 48 states only)! The Ashford table loom (shown with optional stand) is wonderful choice for the beginning weaver who wants a table loom or for the experienced weaver looking for a sampler or workshop loom. This is a kit that takes approximately three hours to complete - all wood parts have a clear lacquer finish - and it comes with complete pictorial assembly instructions. A four (Harness) later kit is available to add four harness to your four harness loom to convert it into an eight harness loom. A floor stand (no treadles)(optional and sold separate) is available and a 4 Treadle Kit (no stand)(optional and sold separate) with four direct tie-up treadles. Available in three widths; 16" (40cm), 24" (60cm), and 32" (80cm). Depth folded is 7" (18cm). Weight from 15.5 lb. (7kg). Comes with a 10 dent stainless steel reed, 40 texsolv heddles per harness, and two stick shuttles, a reed hook, and a heddle hook.

Select QTY SKU Loom Width harnesses Unit Price
9090526  16" 4 $840.00
9090524  24" 4 $890.00
9090522  32" 4 $940.00
9090531  16" 2nd Back Beam $120.00
9090532  24" 2nd Back Beam $152.00
9090533  32" 2nd Back Beam $172.00
TLS4  16" Stand Kit $339.00
TLS6  24" Stand Kit $365.00
TLS8  32" Stand Kit $389.00
TLTK  Treadle Set (no stand) Fits all three widths $95.00
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