Knitting in the Old Way

Knitting in the Old Way
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Knitting in the Old Way: Designs & Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters byPriscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Robson - expanded edition

hardcover, 312 pages

Originally published in 1985 in a smaller edition, Knitting in the Old Way presents a way of knitting rather than a finite set of patterns. It empowers today’s knitters to produce both everyday and heirloom-quality sweaters without relying on line-by-line patterns. It teaches us to read the fabric on our needles instead of the fine print. The book will be bound with sewn signatures (for durability and to open flat) and will have a sturdy, paper-over-boards cover.

  • “Knitting in the old way” means knitting by thinking, not by following.
  • Knitting in the Old Way guides you to discover a way of knitting. It unfolds a process that connects you to centuries of textile wisdom and helps you invent and create designs of your own.
  • “Knitting in the old way” involves working each sweater from a plan based on proportions, instead of from a line-by-line pattern.

15 master plans with infinite style variations; 85 sweater examples, 62 concepts plus 23 alternates; more than 230 charts for color and texture inspiration

You'll learn to

  • think like a traditional knitter
  • create your own designs
  • plan sweaters that fit
  • shape yokes and sleeves and necklines
  • solve problems that occur when you do use a pattern

Yes, you need this book!

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