Soft i-Cord Necklaces to Knit

Soft i-Cord Necklaces to Knit
Item#/SKU: K1.9

K1.9 Soft I-Cord Necklaces to Knit

VERY EASY - All 3 necklaces are made from 4-stitch I-cord

  • A - 5-Stranded Collar (main photo) is finished with beads and a clasp closure at the back (photo included)
  • B - Knotted Loop worn twice around the neck (illustrated instructions for Chinese knot included)
  • C - Single Loop to display your favorite medallion or good luck charm, is the easiest of all!
  • Yarn: Lightweight sport. Bamboo or cotton also recommended.

    Stitches: Stocking stitch

    Knitting needle: Size US #4 (3.5mm)

    Gauge: 6 sts = 1" (2.5cm)

    Skill level: BEGINNER

    Our Price: $6.00

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