Strauch "300" Series "Mad Batt'r" Drum Carder with *FREE SHIPPING*


DC-302 Strauch, 72 tpi deep, coarse cloth Drum Carder

Introducing the Strauch "Mad Batt'r!"

Customers requested a Strauch-quality carder that would produce those wonderful, outrageous "art batts" full of exciting fibers and textures. So, Strauch now offers the Strauch Model 302 "Mad Batt'r" art drum carder as part of our regular product line - in standard width & double-wide - and "Motorized" too!. This carder has deeper and coarser carding cloth on the large drum to accommodate all the fun add-ins that make these art batts say, "spin me!"

The "302" is built on the standard 200 series 4" tall solid ash-wood frame and, like all Strauch drum carders, uses the unique "Slicker-Licker" cloth on the small drum. And, as with all of the 200 series carders, the Mad Batt'r has a 4:1 turning ratio.

The brush attachment makes it easier to control the type of art batt you are making. The batts produced are 8" wide and 27" long.

Special tools included with each Mad Batt'r are:

    * The popular Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick, an invaluable tool for removing the batt without damage to the equipment or the user.
    * A Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.
    * A small cleaner/dabber brush for use on the licker in drum.
    * Table clamps to secure the carder to the work surface.
    * A motorized version is available too!

*FREE SHIPPING* applies to orders from the USA lower 48 states only. Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries are billed partial shipping.

Select QTY SKU Model # Unit Price
DC-302  "DC-302", 72 tpi, 8" wide drum $790.00
DC-302x2  "DC-302x2" Double Wide , 72 tpi, 15.25" wide drum $1,090.00
DC-302M  "DC-302M", MOTORIZED, 72 tpi, 8" wide drum $1,960.00
DC-302x2M  "DC-302M", Double Wide, MOTORIZED, 72 tpi, 15.25" wide drum $2,260.00
TT-C1  Teasing Tool (option) $39.00
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