Glimakra Band Loom, with 2 shafts & 2 treadles

Glimakra Band Loom, with 2 shafts & 2 treadles

This Band Loom is a traditional style of Scandinavian loom used for making ribbons, decorative bands and belts. You can use it to weave these and also other narrow woven items. . . like scarves and runners using the two shafts and the Texsolv heddles (supplied). There are rollers at each end - one to store your warp, the other to wind your finished product on. Both rollers have black metal ratchets and pawls to hold your warp tensioned and allow for longer warp lengths. You can weave items up to 5" wide.

The band loom has two treadles, leaving your hands free for easy weaving. The band loom can also be used for tablet weaving [card weaving]. Equipment for weaving as an inkle loom for pick up weave is included.

Weaving width: 13 cm [5"], Floor space required: 40x92 cm [16" x 37"], Height: 115 cm [46"].

Our Price: $399.00

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