Natural Dyes, M-Z

Natural Dyes, M-Z
Brand Name: Natural and Plant Dyes

Madder Root: Roots of the plant Rubia tinctorum. Gives browns, oranges, pinks, purples, and reds depending on the mordants and dyebath conditions. 3 to 8 oz to dye 1 lb of wool

Myrobalan Extract: Prepared from the fruit of the tree Terminalia catappa, or ‘tropical almond’, native to Asia. Has a high tannin content; used for dyeing animal and vegetable fibers; colors range from tans to oranges, or darker colors in the presence of iron mordant. The fine powder is readily soluble in hot water.

Osage Orange Sawdust: Primarily sawdust from the heartwood of the tree Maclura pomifera, formerly called Toxylon pomiferum, native to the central USA. Contains yellow dye compounds similar to fustic. 3 to 8 oz to dye 1 lb of wool,

Pomegranate Peels: These are the dried outer skins of the fruit of the pomegranate treePuncia granatum. Gives yellow dyes with moderately good colorfastness. Also contains tannins, which assist mordanting vegetable fibers.

The red peel of pomegranate is known to have light brown color rendering and is used as a Natural hair dye raw material as well as natural textile coloring agent specially used much for carpet and rug yarn dying.

Red Sandalwood Sawdust: Finely ground heartwood of the tree Pterocarpus santalinus, native to tropical Asia. Gives red-browns to purplish browns in an alkaline dyebath (use Soda Ash to get a pH of 10 - 11).

Safflower: Flowers of the dye-bearing variety of Carthamus tinctoria, a thistle-like plant whose seeds contain an edible oil. Contains two fugitive yellow dye compounds and a moderately colorfast red dye. Gives reds or pinks after a multi-step extraction to remove the yellow dyes.

WATTLE EXTRACT: From a plant in Australia, this dye gives hues from rose to nutmeg.

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  Myrobalan Extract 4 ounces $5.75
  Pomegranate Peels, dried 8 ounces $5.00
  Tesu powder 2 ounces $7.00
  Red Rooibos 2 ounces $5.00
  QUEBRACHO Green EXTRACT 4 oz $8.00
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