Majacraft Mini Comb SYSTEMS (Sets)

Majacraft Mini Comb SYSTEMS (Sets)

Majacraft supplies mini wool combs in either single or double pitch. They are lightweight, strong and and attractively made from selected NZ hardwoods. The combs have stainless steel teeth with polished points. The design ensures they are comfortable in your hands with the comb angle being the most efficient for combing all types of fiber.

These complete "Comb Systems" come in a boxed set with a comb mounting block, a clamp, a diz, a diz threader, a storage pad, and your choice of either Single Row or Double Row combs. The mounting block allows you to secure a single comb to a sturdy surface and carry out color blending or standard combing in conjunction with the diz supplied to make your own Combed Top.

The comb dimensions are:

  • handle length, 160mm (6.5 inches)
  • point (tine) length, 55mm (2 1/4inches)
  • comb width, 80mm (3.5 inches)
  • Single Row Combs are particularly useful if you usually spin a coarser wool. They will help align the fibers for producing a worsted yarn and will remove most of the short fibers. Practice makes combs easy and quick to use. Fibers and colors can also be blended using these mini combs.

    Double Row Combs are great for finer fibers. They will help you to prepare a sliver that will give an excellent result when spinning worsted yarns. Color and fiber blending is simple and effective. Try using a diz for taking the wool off the combs. The resulting sliver is a joy to spin and, as is often the case, the time spent in preparation is taken from the time spent in spinning later.

    Sets are value priced.

Select QTY SKU item Unit Price
  SINGLE ROW Comb System $184.00
  DOUBLE ROW Comb System $216.00
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