Ashford Bobbins, Single Drive (Scotch Tension)

Ashford Bobbins, Single Drive (Scotch Tension)
Brand Name: Ashford

Single Drive Bobbins

Extra bobbins for your single drive Ashford wheel - Specs, pictured from left to right;

  • Jumbo, Slide-Glide Jumbo, Joy "Freedom", and Kiwi Jumbo
  • 30% larger - Fits Ashford's Sliding Hook Flyers only
  • standard (this is the standard bobbin that comes with SD wheels
  • lace (for the Ashford lace flyer)

Select QTY SKU Fits Ashfoud... Finish Unit Price
9090402  Standard Single Drive unfinished $13.00
9090400  Standard Single Drive lacquer $16.75
9090423  Standard Single Drive, 30%+ Slide-Glide unfinished $14.25
9090425  Standard JOY 2, 30%+ Slide-Glide lacquer $20.25
9090404  Jumbo Single Drive unfinished $15.75
9090221  Jumbo Single Drive lacquer $23.00
9090309  Lace Bobbin unfinished $18.00
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