Ashford 8 Harness Folding Table Looms

Ashford 8 Harness Folding Table Looms
Brand Name: Ashford

We pay your shipping on this loom (U.S. lower 48 states)! The Ashford table loom is wonderful choice for the beginning weaver who wants a table loom or for the experienced weaver looking for a sampler or workshop loom. This is a kit that takes approximately three hours to complete - all wood parts have a clear lacquer finish - and it comes with complete pictorial assembly instructions. A floor stand (optional and sold separate) is available with four direct tie-up treadles (no lamms so 4 direct tie-up treadles only). You can also order a Second Back Beam and a Raddle is also available. Having a stand and not using the treadles would be my choice. . . it gives the loom a sturdy place to sit and the side trays are really handy for holding 'stuff'. The Ashford Eight Shaft Table Loom is available in three widths; 16" (40cm), 24" (60cm), and 32" (80cm). Depth folded is 7" (18cm). Weight from 17.3 lb. (7.9kg). Comes with a 10 dent stainless steel reed, 40 texsolv heddles per harness, and two stick shuttles, a reed hook and a heddle hook

Select QTY SKU Loom Width harnesses Unit Price
9090527  16" 8 $890.00
9090531  16" 2nd Back Beam $120.00
9090528  16" Stand Kit 4 Treadles $478.00
9090525  24" 8 $945.00
9090532  24" 2nd Back Beam $152.00
9090529  24" Stand Kit 4 Treadles $485.00
9090523  32" 8 $995.00
9090533  32" 2nd Back Beam $172.00
9090530  32" Stand Kit 4 Treadles $495.00
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