Single Row Fine Wool Mini Combs

Single Row Fine Wool Mini Combs
Brand Name: Valkyrie
Item#/SKU: 1rfmc

These combs are not really that "mini". Smaller and lighter than full size Viking combs. Perfect for fine to medium fibers, such as Alpaca, Merino Wool and Angora Rabbit. Sturdy construction. Hardwood handle is 5" long with the tines set in 3" of the 4" wide cross piece, made with 4.25" tempered, polished, steel tines. Tines are 3/32 inch diameter (2.4mm) spaced 1/4 inch (6.35mm) on center. total weight for the pair is 10 ounces. Each comb has 13, 4 1/4 long, polished, hardened steel tines with a long taper to a sharp point. These tines never need straightening. They are flexible enough to take abuse, and still bounce back to their intended alignment. Sold by the pair.

Our Price: $80.00

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