Bluster Bay 13" & 15" End-Feed Shuttles (hook tensioned)

Bluster Bay 13

Bluster Bay End-Feed Shuttles

For perfect selvedges and speedy weaving, many weavers prefer to use end-feed boat shuttles. These boat shuttles use special end-feed bobbins (called pirns) that do not spin. Rather, the yarn is released off the end of the stationary pirn, through a tensioning device and then out the side of the shuttle.

Bluster Bay end-feed shuttles:

  • * are simple to thread and adjust
  • * require no tools for tension adjustment
  • * are lightweight and well balanced
  • * handle a wide range of yarn types and weights

Bluster Bay End-Feed Boat Shuttles are available in three lengths [ 11", 13", and 15" ] with either open or closed bottoms.

13" & 15" End-Feed Boat Shuttles

These are the standard Bluster Bay end-feed shuttles that weavers have been using and raving about since 1996! Bluster Bay 13-inch and 15-inch end-feed shuttles are 1.875 inches wide. Open-bottom shuttles are 1.375 inches tall. Closed-bottom shuttles are 1.5 inches tall. The bronze center spindles are spring-loaded. The 13" end-feed shuttles use 5.5" wood or 5.5" Bluster Bay white plastic pirns . Note: 6" Schacht wood or red plastic pirns will NOT fit these 13" end-feed shuttles.The Bluster Bay 15" end-feed shuttles use 8" Schacht wood or 8" Bluster Bay white plastic pirns.

Shuttles are shown with pirns... but, shuttles come without pirns, order them separately if you need them.

Using Hook & Eye Tension End-Feed Shuttles:

  • Feed the weft yarn through the screw eye at the end of the pirn shaft. It may be easier to do this before you slip the fully wound pirn onto the shaft.
  • Pull the end of the yarn out the slot on the side of the shuttle.
  • To adjust the tension, hook the yarn around as many brass hooks as necessary. A small crochet hook may be of aid.
  • When tensioned correctly, the weft should unwind freely as the shuttle is thrown. It should neither pull too tightly nor leave loops of weft at the selvedges. The number of tensioning hooks you use will vary with every weft yarn. Bulky, fuzzy yarn may need no tensioning. Very fine linen, silk or Mylar filament may need to be looped around all of the hooks.
  • Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
    EF-13-C  13 inch closed bottom $125.00
    EF-13-O  13 inch open bottom $125.00
    bbw5.5  5.5" Plastic Pirn (fits 13" Bluster Bay EF shuttle) $6.00
    bbw(wood)  5.5" Wood Pirn (fits 13" EF Shuttle) limited supply! $5.00
    EF-15-C  (out)15 inch closed bottom $0.00
    EF-15-O  (out)15 inch open bottom $0.00
    bbw8  8" Plastic Pirn (fits 15" Bluster Bay or Schacht EF shuttle) $6.00
    SH5110/1  8" Wood Pirn (fits 15" EF Shuttle) $5.00
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