Schacht 15" Double Bobbin Boat Shuttle

Schacht 15
Brand Name: Schacht

Schacht offers slim and regular double-bobbin boat shuttles which are ideal for doubled weft threads. Two separate bobbin shafts make it possible to remove one bobbin at a time.

The 'Regular' is 15" long, 1⅞" wide, 1" high and weighs about 6 oz. The 'Slim' is 15" long, 1⅝" wide, 1" high and weighs about 4 oz. Shuttles come without bobbins, use 4" plastic bobbins (SH5104)

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SH5020  **OUT**Maple Slim Double-Bobbin Shuttle $0.00
SH5021  **OUT**Maple Regular Double-Bobbin Shuttle $0.00
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