Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs

Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs

Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs: Double-faced Tablet-woven bands from Burma, Tibet and Tunisia, by Otfried Staudigel

"Tablet weavers in many countries, who enjoyed Otfried Staudigel's first book Tablet Weaving Magic, will warmly welcome this second collection of patterns. The author's mastery of his craft and of technical explanation is well known. But he also possesses an insatiable curiosity about the significance of the woven images. His persistent questions about several of the images found on the Burmese bands led to a fresh examination of their meaning. Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs offers many hours of instruction and enjoyment."

    Ralph Isaacs, former Director of the British Council/Burma

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