Surface Designer's Handbook

Surface Designer's Handbook

Surface Designer's Handbook by Holly Brackman.

Learn to create richly patterned fabrics with The Surface Designer's Handbook, the most comprehensive book for learning how dyes work and using them with surface design techniques. Author Holly Brackmann draws on more than 30 years of experience with studio dyeing techniques, providing a wealth of information on dyeing and surface design not found in any book currently in print. The Surface Designer's Handbook will help crafters understand which dyes work best with which fibers, and how to apply this knowledge to create unique, original fabrics. Begin by learning the basics of studio practices and safety measures, appropriate fibers and fabrics, and then move into all aspects of the major dye groups most accessible to studio dyers: fiber reactive, acid, vat, and disperse. The dyes are then used to alter and change surfaces by discharging, screen printing, monoprinting, stamping, stenciling, resist dyeing, devore, and painting. Then learn how to embellish your fabric with foiling, embroidery, beadwork, or collage. Recipes for dyes and techniques covered in the book are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and process photographs, making them clear and easy to follow. Brackmann shares tips and tricks gleaned from her three decades of experience in studio dyeing and helps you identify your personal approach to dyeing - are you a creative free spirit, or do you prefer to follow precise rules? The hardback format with concealed spiral binding makes The Surface Designer's Handbook easy to use, as the book can lie flat while you're consulting a recipe. The dye worksheet can be used to calculate and record dyes, chemicals, procedures, and costs for all dye projects. Color photos of works from some of the top fiber artists today that are included throughout the book are certain to inspire artists of any background. The Surface Designer's Handbook will appeal to a wide audience of students, teachers, hobbyists, or beginner surface design artists. Whether you're an experienced dyer or surface designer or you're just starting out, this book is certain to become your essential reference tool! Table of Contents Chapter 1: Studio Practices and Safety Chapter 2: Dyes, Fibers, and Fabrics Chapter 3: Color Chapter 4: Fiber-Reactive Dyes Chapter 5: Acid Dyes Chapter 6: Vat Dyes Chapter 7: Disperse Dyes Chapter 8: Discharging Chapter 9: Screen Printing Chapter 10: Monoprinting Chapter 11: Stamping Chapter 12: Stenciling Chapter 13: Resists Chapter 14: Devore Chapter 15: Textile Paints Chapter 16: Embellishments Appendix A: Dye Worksheet Appendix B: Preparing Fabric for Dyeing Appendix C: Rinsing, Washing, and Drying Fabrics Appendix D: Calculating Stock Solutions, Dye Quantities, and Color Mixing Appendix E: Thickeners and Printing Appendix F: Steaming Appendix G: Weights, Measures, and Water Temperatures

144 pages, 8 x 11", Spiralbound inside a hard cover

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