10" "CRICKET" Rigid Heddle Loom Kit from Schacht


The 10" Cricket Loom from Schacht is compact, capable and cute! At only 11" x 18" x 6" and just under four pounds, it's easy to take along. The ten inch weaving width gives plenty of room to make a variety of projects without sacrificing portability. Comes with two stick shuttles, a warping peg, threading hook, two table clamps, and 8-dent rigid heddle reed and two balls of yarn.

Ready to weave with finer or heavier yarns? Order a 5-dent, 10-dent or a 12-dent reed. The terms 8, 10, or 12 dent indicate the number of threads per inch in your warp. Need more stick shuttles? A 10" stick shuttle is a good length. Need a pick up stick (for pattern work)? A 10" length is a good choice.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
SL2030  Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom Kit $180.00
SL2143  5-Dent Cricket Reed $33.00
SL2140  8-Dent Replacement Cricket Reed $33.00
SL2141  10-Dent Cricket Reed $33.00
SL2142  12-Dent Cricket Reed $33.00
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