Louet ELECTRIC 8" Drum Carder, FREE* Shipping

Brand Name: Louet
Item#/SKU: 2.330

Louet Electric Drum Carder

This convenient carder has the same specifications as our "Classic" drum carder with 46 psi. fine carding cloth. This is a 110 V. version.

The electric drum carder is suitable for all fibers and lends itself to effortless, two hand feeding. The carder comes complete with transparent plastic protection cover for safety, doffer brush and doffer pin.

Both the "Classic" and "Electric" drum carder have a fine cloth of 46 teeth per square inch, so you can easily card wool and other coarse fibers.

  • Dimensions: 49x30x45 cm (19.5"X12"X18")
  • carding speed: 90 rpm
  • V-belt driven
  • drums are covered with a sliding transparent safety lid during the carding operation
  • stands on buffers
  • Special Order - Drop Ship Item
  • *FREE Shipping limited to USA 48 contiguous states

Our Price: $2,295.00

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