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*Cone weights vary... prices will be adjusted*
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8/2 Unmercerized Cotton, page #2

A very popular and affordable weaving yarn. Used for many items such as shirting material, kitchen towels and more. 8/2 cotton yield is approximately 3300 yards per pound. Common weaving setts for 8/2 cotton are 16-20 for plain weave and 24-30 for a straight twill. You may want a firmer or more pliable fabric so make your adjustments accordingly. Priced by the pound - cones usually run from under 1 pound to about 2 pounds (some a little more and some a little less) - you will be billed for the exact weight we ship.

All 8/2 colors from both pages are listed in the order chart below to make it as convenient as possible for you to order. To view the colors on page #1, click on the "8/2" in the "Related Items Of Interest" box near the bottom of the page.

To order, just check the box for all of the colors you want to order an enter the number of cones you want. It's not necessary to delete the '1' quantity for the colors not selected

Price shown is the price-per-pound - we will adjust your order to reflect the actual weight.

We offer discounts on regular priced yarns and fibers (only) as follows [they may affect your actual shipping charge]:

  • Over $100 receives a 10% fiber/yarn discount
  • Over $150 receives a 15% yarn/fiber discount
  • Over $200 receives a 20% yarn/fiber discount
  • Orders with yarn/fiber discounts will be charged actual shipping plus insurance. No free shipping is offered with discounted yarns/fibers

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