Strauch MOTORIZED "405" Drum Carder


By popular demand, Strauch has now developed a motorized series of chain drive drum carders. Available motorized is the "405" "Finest" 8" drum carder.

Note: the Petite cannot be motorized because it is a light duty machine and not constructed to withstand the stresses imparted by the motor.

Being an engineer, Otto Strauch designed these machines to be truly unique in the marketplace and built with the same high standards as the hand crank models.

They are "high tech" drum carders having both infinitely variable speed AND reversibility features. The "truly variable speed" feature (not just two or three speed settings) is a very important feature when working with fine and super-fine fibers like alpaca, merino and cashmere.

Strauch Motorized carders use very high quality, durable, electronically controlled motors that are made in the USA!. All these machines have been extensively tested by some "heavy duty" fiber artists and they all have raved about the design, workmanship and durability.


  • * Time saving; both hands are free to allow the fiber artist to control how the fiber is being carded or blended.
  • * Those with wrist, elbow and/or shoulder issues will find carding with a Strauch motorized machine painless and relaxing.
  • * The ability to card fibers at a consistent and reproducible speed will make consistent batts. Folks wanting to process lots of fiber (i.e.. a cottage industry to make money!) will find these carders remarkable.
  • * The motor and electronic controller were engineered to be quiet, robust, dependable, self-diagnostic and trouble free.

Each Motorized Drum Carder comes with:

    * A Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Picker
  • * A Doffer/Cleaner Brush for the large drum
  • * A Cleaning Brush for the small drum
  • * A Lifetime guarantee (from Strauch) that covers labor - not customer damaged parts
  • * The motor and electronic controller have a one-year warranty against defects

As with any electronic device, it is highly recommended that you plug you carder into a surge protector. Both the motor and controller are expensive and should be protected.

Our Price: $2,035.00

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