Schacht "FLIP" Rigid Heddles


Schacht "FLIP" Rigid Heddles.

Here are the extra rigid heddles that fit Schacht's "Flip" loom. These reeds do not fit their non-"Flip" rigid heddle looms. Remember, the "FLIP" Loom can be used with 2 matching rigid heddles. That means that, for example, if you have two 12 dent heddles, you can warp your loom up at 12, 18, or 24 warp ends (threads) per inch. Oh, I almost forgot those are rigid heddle woven pieces in the background that were done by one of us here in the shop.

Choose your loom width and Dent.

Select QTY SKU Choose Reed Length & Dents Per Inch Unit Price
SL2125  *OUT*15" "FLIP" 5 dent heddle $42.00
SL2129  15" "FLIP" 8 dent heddle $42.00
SL2130  *OUT*15" "FLIP" 10 dent heddle $42.00
SL2131  *OUT*15" "FLIP" 12 dent heddle $42.00
SL2132  20" "FLIP" 5 dent heddle $50.00
SL2133  20" "FLIP" 8 dent heddle $50.00
SL2134  20" "FLIP" 10 dent heddle $50.00
SL2135  20" "FLIP" 12 dent heddle $50.00
SL2136  25" "FLIP" 5 dent heddle $56.00
SL2137  25" "FLIP" 8 dent heddle $56.00
SL2138  25" "FLIP" 10 dent heddle $56.00
SL2139  25" "FLIP" 12 dent heddle $56.00
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