8/2 Tencel, Variegated Colors

*Cone weights vary... prices will be adjusted*
8/2 Tencel, Variegated Colors

8/2 Tencel, Variegated Colors

Tencel® is the brand name for the fiber Lyocell® which is produced from cellulose, the main material in plant cells, and constitutes a new fibre for clothing, hygiene, medical and technical applications.

The production process used for making Lyocell is extremely environmentally friendly – the fibre has all the advantages of a natural material and is 100% bio-degradable. This Tencel is a nice yarn for weavers. It has a nice subtle sheen. . . not harsh or 'brassy' looking. It has strength and a wonderful drape making it a nice choice for a weaving yarn.

Yield is approximately 3360 yards per pound. Most people have been using a sett of about 20 - 27 epi. We recommend hand washing. Cones are various weights so you will be charged for the exact weight of each cone. Price shown is the price per pound. Most cones weigh between 1.3 lbs and 2.0 lbs but some come in a little lighter. . . and some are a little heavier.

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  Tashkent Combo $39.00
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