Yarn Ball, Bobbin & Cone Holder

Yarn Ball, Bobbin & Cone Holder
Brand Name: Nancy's Knit Knacks

**UPDATE** Now includes a Cone Accessory Kit (not shown) with each unit which properly holds 7" cones on a vertical rod and allows the user to unwind coned yarn from the unit.

Yarn Ball & Cone Holder - A unique solution for using yarn on cones, bobbins and NKK Yarn Ball Cores.

This new Yarn Bobbin, Ball, and Cone Holder can perform a wide variety of tasks for various fiber arts. Knitters, spinners, crocheters, and weavers can use it. Anytime that you need to easily remove yarn from a bobbin, cone or Yarn Ball Core, you can use our Yarn Bobbin & Cone Holder.

  • Made of Maple and Birch hardwoods, and stainless steel. bullet Holds cones up to 7" high (long) by 7" in diameter (maximum width). Actual width between side walls is 7.5"
  • Yarn Ball Cores can also be up to 7" in diameter by 5"+ long.
  • Because of our highly engineered design, the unit will not tip over. The center of gravity on the unit is very low to the table surface. Has 4 large non-skid feet.
  • Both the stainless steel rod (3/16" dia.) and the wooden dowel (1" dia.) can be stored on the unit when not in use.
  • Unit primarily utilizes a horizontal pull system which can apply two different levels of tension to your yarn. We think it is much better than the vertical pull system as is commonly used with other cone holders.* This horizontal system does not add extra twist to the yarn.
  • A vertical mounting system is also included for tall cones and for transferring yarn from a drop spindle.
  • Traditional vertical mounting systems tend to add extra twist to the yarn as it is removed vertically. This vertical mount holds the yarn cone vertically but removes the yarn horizontally which prevents extra twist from being added to the yarn!
  • Unit is self contained. No overhead eyelets or other gizmos are needed to guide your yarn.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Nancy's Knit Knacks Yarn Tensioner, Yarn Meter, and Heavy Duty Ball Winder.
  • The Yarn Bobbin Holder was also specifically designed to use their Yarn Ball Cores™. The Cores are used to store your yarn after winding yarn on a ball winder.
  • A Tri-Mode Yarn Holder:
  • The user can insert cones and bobbins in the Horizontal mode on the 3/16" diameter rod in the upper position.
  • The user can insert a Yarn Ball Core on the 1" diameter rod in the upper position.
  • The user can insert a bobbin, cone, or core, on the 3/16" rod in its vertical position.
  • When yarn is mounted on either of the 2 rods in their horizontal modes, then the other rod can be used as a passive tensioner.
  • Drop Spindle users can even use the 3/16" rod in the vertical position to transfer their yarn from their spindle. In fact, Nancy's Knit Knacks developed the Drinking Straw method of transferring yarn from a drop spindle to a Lazy Kate rod. This system uses the same principle.
Our Price: $67.00

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