Bluefaced Leicester Wool Top (WHITE)

Bluefaced Leicester Wool Top (WHITE)

Bluefaced Leicester White Wool Combed Top

The Bluefaced Leicester (pronounced "Lester") was developed in the 1800's and developed into a specific breed by 1900.

The wool is classed as "Longwool" and "Luster" with a staple length of this combed top of about 10 - 13cm (about 4" - 5") and has a lot of crimp which produces a soft bouncy yarn. The Bradford count is 56's - 60's (about 24 - 26 micron count).

Spin from the end for the smoothest worsted-spun yarn or spin from the fold for an exceptional semi worsted-spun yarn.

The top is a favorite of many spinners. It spins easy, dyes very well, and feels scrumptious!

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