Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom
Brand Name: Schacht

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

We pay your shipping on these looms! *48 lower states only* [Live elsewhere? We'll pay part of your shipping!] These are most times a build-to-order item, 5-6 weeks is the current build time- call to confirm delivery time toll free at (888) 686-1192. Baby Wolf Looms are the most sought-after looms available. They have all the advantages of semi-portability without sacrificing any of the best "big-loom" features. All are constructed of hard maple and finished in hand-rubbed Danish oil. They come fully assembled, you need only install heddles, tie-up cords, and apron bars. All come with stainless steel heddle bars and a stainless steel reed (6,8,10,12, or 15 dent - choose one only).

Shown is an 8-shaft version.

The Baby Wolf gives you a full 26" weaving width in a four shaft, eight shaft, or a four now-four later version. Choose one reed to come installed in the loom. The "default" reed is a 12" dent if you don't specify.

Specifications are:

  • 26" Weaving Width
  • 34" Loom Width
  • 35" Castle Height, loom open
  • 42" Height When Folded
  • 33" Depth, open
  • 18" Depth, folded
  • Weight: 53 lb (4H), 71 lb (8H), 59 lb (4Now-4Later)
  • Number of Heddles Standard: 4 shaft = 400, a 4+4 or 8 shaft = 800. The heddles are inserted eye heddles.

Schacht Baby Wolf looms are built-to-order and require a 4-6 week build time.

FREE SHIPPING to street addresses in the 48 contiguous states!

List Price: $1,739.00
Our Price: $1,652.00
You Save: $87.00 (5%)

Select QTY SKU Item Specify Reed: (6,8,10,12, or 15 dent stainless steel reed)? Unit Price
FL3001  4-shaft Baby Wolf Loom $1,652.00
FL3003  4-shaft Baby Wolf Loom WITH Height Extenders $1,810.00
FL3021  4 now-4 later Baby Wolf Loom $1,948.00
FL3023  4 now-4 later Baby Wolf Loom WITH Height Extenders $2,163.00
FL3011  8-shaft Baby Wolf Loom $2,337.00
FL3013  8-shaft Baby Wolf Loom WITH Height Extenders $2,552.00
FL3091  4 Shaft High Castle Tray $157.00
FL3092  8 Shaft High Castle Tray $174.00
FL3831  Baby Wolf Trap $60.00
FL3051  Stroller $121.00
WT6521  Treadle Tracker $24.00
FL3041  Sectional Beam Kit $137.00
FL3071  2nd Back Beam $307.00
FL3081  4-shaft Height Extenders ordered with loom $284.00
FL3082  8-shaft Height Extenders ordered with loom $377.00
FL3031  4 Later Kit (Need serial #) $552.00
FL3801  Maple Bench $383.00
FL3811  Maple Bench Bag, each $50.00
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