Yarn Book (The) by Penny Walsh **CLEARANCE!

Yarn Book (The) by Penny Walsh **CLEARANCE!

The Yarn Book, by Penny Walsh

Yarn is the basic unit of textile construction and every fabric, except felt is made with it. The properties of yarn its ply, tensility, strength, weight, elasticity, and resistance to heat, water, shrinkage are what give each yarn its unique characteristics. By manipulating these properties, an astonishing array of fabric types can be produced, creating any number of textures and appearances. By focusing on these varieties, Penny Walsh is able to closely examine the composition and construction of different yarns and explore their many uses. She examines the techniques of spinning and the mechanisms used to create yarn. Color illustrations accompany the text, demonstrating the appearances of different yarns. There is also practical instruction on making your own threads and yarns. The Yarn Book is written for the serious student and the professional textile artist, and will be useful for spinners and weavers. It is a complete guide to understanding, designing, and using yarn.

128 pages, 6" x 9", softcover, color throughout

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